• (1): Currently active bot mode
  • (2): Start an instance in manual mode or Pause/Resume/Stop an instance
  • (3): Stop an instance
  • (4): Enable/Disable an instance. If disabled, it will be excluded from being started in managed mode
  • (5): Open account settings
  • (6): Modify account name, Kingdom ID, login type, Google email address, ...
  • (7): Specify the botting priority of the accounts
  • (8): Enable/Disable single accounts. Disabled accounts won't be considered for botting
  • (9): Shield state: Gray if unknown state, Red if shield off, Yellow if reshieldable, Green if shield is active.
    Important: The shield state is only correct if the bot used the shield itself
  • (10): Start button for managed mode, Pause/Resume button for all running instances
  • (11): Stop botting
  • (12): The main log. You should keep an eye on it to check for any errors/warnings