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Planned Features

Summary of bot features being worked on

Game Tasks

Troops upgrading

Currently the bot can only train new troops. However it should also be able to upgrade existing troops.

Upgrading of all buildings

Currently the bot only supports upgrading the castle and its dependencies. It should also be possible to upgrade farms and other buildings.

Musketeer's Fort attacking

Since the game changed the interface the bot currently only opens the chest. It should also handle selecting targets and attack.

Support multiple Mermaids

The bot currently only supports one Mermaid. The new Mermaids should be supported as well (at least the free one).

Support for talents

The bot currently has no options for using talents. The most commonly used talents should be supported.


Add support for MEMU and other emulators

see title

General Improvements

Execution speed of tasks

To be as exact as possible the bot may execute some tasks a bit slow. Make it faster where possible.