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Summary of bot features


Intelligent Botting

  • Bot automatically manages starting of emulator instances and switching between accounts in the same instances
  • Keeps timers for each task, account and emulator instance to be able to:
    • ... always continue where it left off
    • ... to execute/repeat tasks only when necessary
    • ... to execute each account/instance equally often
  • Auto restart app after game reset (0.00 UTC)

Advanced Account and Emulator Instance Management

  • Support for Fun+ and Google account switching
  • Can add multiple accounts with different login methods to the same emulator instances
  • Add as much emulator instances and accounts per instance as you wish, the bot will automatically start as much instances as specified and switches accounts when necessary
  • Automatically arrange botting of instances and accounts based on priority list and timers
  • (Temporarily) switch off accounts or even whole instances
  • Overview of currently active instances, accounts and tasks, shielding status, etc.
  • Pause/Resume/Stop all or selected instances or accounts

Automatic Game Installation/Update and Emulator Configuration

Emulator instances will be automatically configured by the bot, so you don't have to do anything else than creating them. The game will be automatically downloaded or upgraded/downgraded as needed.

Advanced Features

  • Advanced emulator error detection and handling
  • Specify which gear the bot should use for certain tasks
  • Comprehensive statistics
  • Detailed account overview
  • Tap randomization
  • Auto updater
  • Detailed logging for each account
  • Possibility to reset any timers for repeating certain tasks
  • ... and much more

Automated Tasks (56+) with detailed descriptions

Alliance - Load Gunpowder

Automatically loads up as much Gunpowder as specified

Alliance Celebration Chests

Automatically collects all rewards from alliance celebration chests

Alliance Donations

The bot will donate resources to the alliance. This only works if the alliance knowledge is marked with a star. You can configure if you want to donate as much as possible or only a certain amount. The Donation Rewards will also be collected.

Alliance Gift

Automatically claims all your alliance gifts if available, including the huge gift chest.

Alliance Member Help

The bot automatically helps your alliance members.


Automatically spins the wheel and gets rewards. The bot can also play Tarot as far as you want and will also optionally use as much sooth stones as possible or as much as you defined.

Attack Berserker Behemoth

Every Saturday the bot automatically attacks the Berserker Behemoth 10 times.

Attack Threats

The bot will automatically attack threats in the Kingdom. You can define the minimum and maximum threat level. The bot will start at the maximum. You can also set a maximum attack amount per day, the maximum number of consecutive attacks, the formation to be used and if the bot should use stamina scrolls if out of stamina.


Automatically deposits and withdraws the maximum amount of gold using the first available scheme.

Catacombs - Explore

Automatically explores as much catacomb dungeons as possible, fights the monsters, opens chests and gets the rewards. Additionally it can also complete or skip all intermediate tutorials.

Catacombs - Plunder

Automatically plunders as much dungeons as possible and get the rewards.

Collect Gems

Automatically scans the map for gems and collect them.

Collect Resources

Automatically scans the map for resources and collect them.

Important: EmulatorSettings1 You must set Resources Collect All to ON, otherwise the task won't work correctly.

Count Resources

Automatically counts all your resources. The result will be added to the Resources table on the settings page of the respective account.

Daily & Main Quests

The bot automatically claims the rewards for daily and main quests.

Daily Shipment

Automatically claims rewards for daily shipment (cannot be disabled).

Doctors Gift

The bot will regularly check if the Doctors Gift is available.

Estate Affairs

The bot will automatically do all Estate Affairs for you. You can specify the maximum attacks per day, which tasks the bot should do, the formation to be used and if the bot should use a stamina item if out of stamina.

Furry Friends

Automatically does the daily free spin.

Gather Resources - Alliance

The bot will automatically send out a march to gather at the alliance mine. You can specify which resources are allowed and which formation the bot should use.

Gather Resources - Kingdom

The bot will automatically send out marches to gather resources. You can specify the number of marches used for gathering, the minimum and maximum tile level, the resource types to be gathered and the formation the bot should use. You can also change the priority for each resource type.

Guard Treasure Hunt

Automatically deploys guards and claims all rewards when finished.

Guards Management

Automatically levels up your guards, upgrades star level and claims rewards. You can define how much guard XP items for the first found non-maxed highest quality guard should be used. You can also define which guard types should be considered (Gold, Purple, Blue or Green). You can also specify which guard types should be checked for star upgrades and rewards.

Guards Recruit

The bot will automatically recruit free standard and master guards and optionally 50% off master guards.

Gunpowder Legends

Automatically claims all rewards.

Hall Of Champions

Automatically praises in the Hall Of Champions and gets all rewards.

Honor Challenge

Automatically gets all free rewards from Honor Challenge.


The bot will scan the map for a hospital and heal troops. The search starts in the lower right corner. If you place your hospital there, the task will finish much quicker. You can also specify if the bot should also heal troops in Kingdom Hospital.

Inventory Item Usage

The bot can automatically use items from your inventory. The following items can be used:

  • Gold items
  • Common Chests (optionally use higher level Munition Chests first)
  • Frame items
  • Lord XP items
  • Creation XP items
  • VIP items

Lord Achievements

Automatically claims all achievement rewards in the Lord Profile.

Lucky Item Hunt

The bot will automatically get all event rewards from the Lucky Item Hunt event. The event regularly returns with different names and icons. A bot update is needed for every new event version.

Lucky Roulette

Automatically does the daily free spin.


Automatically reads alliance, system or war mails to get rewards.


The bot will send gifts to the Mermaid, tap her 5 times per day and get her blessings.

Mermaid - Treasure Diving

The bot will send the Mermaid to dive for treasures in the selected diving area and get the rewards later on. You can also specify the diving time.

Munitions Exchange

Automatically exchanges weapons for the specified resource once a day.

Musketeer's Fort

Currently the bot only claims the free chest when available.

Mystic Jackpot

The bot will play a user defined number of rounds or as much as possible of Mystic Jackpot by using Prophecy Stones or 20 Gold per round if available.

Pirate Showdown

Automatically claims rewards if available, upgrades the cannons and optionally starts battles. The bot will try to repeat the battle if victorious.

Rally Management

The bot can automatically create and join Rallies.

  • Join Rallies:
    • The bot can join rallies that are botting in other emulator instances: The bot will join Red Camp Guard Rallies recently started by accounts running in other emulator instances. They must be in the same Kingdom and Alliance. If any task is currently executed it will be interrupted to join the rally as quickly as possible. The interrupted task will be picked up again afterwards and the bot loop will continue normally.
    • The bot can also join Red Camp Guard rallies from other players in your alliance, Underworld Gate rallies or any other event related rally if a notification is found on the map.
    • You can also define the maximum number of joins per day and the formation the bot should use.
  • Create Red Guard Camp Rallies:
    • You can specify the rally time, the minimum and maximum attack level, the maximum number of rallies per day, the maximum number of consecutive attacks and the formation to be used by the bot. The bot will keep an internal list about created rallies and if any other account has Join rallies from other emulator instances enabled, the other player will automatically join your created rally.


Automatically conducts research at the Academy. You can specify if only level 1 should be researched to quickly unwrap the research tree. You can also check the categories to be researched and set their priorities. Also you can set the bot to automatically use resources from inventory if available.

Return Of The King

The bot automatically claims all rewards from the Return Of The King event. All kinds of this event are supported.

Road To Victory

Automatically claims all available rewards.

Royal Expeditions

The bot will automatically claim all rewards and embark in the current expeditions.


Automatically resurrects your troops.


You can set the bot to automatically reshield your account(s). Before starting the bot loop in an emulator instance and between botting of individual accounts the bot will check if any accounts in the instance needs (re-)shielding. If one or multiple accounts need to be reshielded, the bot will switch to each account and start the shield before finally starting the bot loop.

You can set the bot to reshield earlier to make sure your shield never runs out. For each shield type you can specify different "earlier reshield" time frames. It's also possible to set the bot to only (re-)shield during Kingdom Raid event.

The shield status for each account can be seen in the Accounts table:

  • Gray Shield: Shielding not enabled
  • Red Shield: Shield is off
  • Yellow Shield: Shield is on, but account is already in defined reshielding interval
  • Green Shield: Shield is on

Important: The bot doesn't recognize if you shielded manually in between, would consider the shield to be off even if it's on and "overshield" it again. So best would be to let the bot control the shielding on its own and not interfere with it.


The bot can buy all the items from your shopping list in Catacombs Shop, Expeditions Shop and Spirit Mines Shop.

Spirit Mines Exploring

The bot will automatically occupy free mines for crystal gathering. You can define a custom page or use the Quick Find option. Also you can define a formation to be used. If you're not in any mine yet, the bot will automatically fight monsters as far as possible and enter the mine.

Tribute Gift

The bot regularly checks for Tribute Gifts.

Troops Training

Automatically trains and assembles selected troops in military buildings. You can set an optional amount or let the game automatically decide for you. Also you can specify if resources from your inventory should be used or if troops should be trained only once a day.

Underworld Keys Donation

The bot will donate the specified number of keys or as much as possible for Underworld Gates until it has been completely filled.

Upgrade Castle

Automatically upgrades your castle and all dependent buildings. Make sure the buildings are already built. You can set the bot to automatically use resources from inventory if available or if the bot should automatically use speedups if available.

VIP Rewards

Automatically claims all free VIP rewards

Wall defense repair

The bot will regularly check your walls and extinguish/repair them automatically.

War Aid Center

Automatically claims all free chests